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Blackjack:  Take The Money and Run This book is for recreational casino players that want to learn how to play Blackjack in a casino. The book contains three levels of playing strategies. For the beginner, a non-counting strategy that will give you a slight edge in some blackjack games. The intermediate level strategy contains an introduction to card counting. The advanced level playing strategy is a powerful system that will give the blackjack player up to a 1.5% edge over the casinos.
Best Blackjack Offers strategies for single and multiple deck games. Includes sections on easy to master card counting techniques and how to take advantage of sloppy dealers. Contains everything you need to become an expert player.
The World's Greatest Blackjack Book A revised edition of the Blackjack player's bible, with complete information on the odds, betting strategies, and much more -- now updated to include the rules of play in Atlantic City as well as international playing rules.
Beat The Dealer A classic! Originally published in 1966, this is considered the first book to teach true Blackjack strategy. The essentials, consolidated in simple charts, can be understood and memorized by the average player. 

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