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Hollywood Poker
Hollywood Poker is definitely a unique place to play. When you first reach their website, you'll see the pictures of James Woods and Vince Van Patten. The site claims to be the site where Hollywood movie stars play.

When I first arrived at Hollywood, my thought was that their claim of being Hollywood's site for poker had to be a cheap ploy to get you to come to their site. Actually, in a way, I still do (read on for more info about stars). But, after having reviewed their support, and spoken with some of the staff a little bit, I actually think its a good thing. This site works hard to attract players. They do it with nice software that has great graphics, a lure of Hollywood, great support, and they are really listening. Of the various sites that I've seen, I wouldn't be surprised if Hollywood is actually a lot more proactive about making changes to make the game better than most of the sites out there. For this reason, whether the Hollywood stars really grace the site with their presence or not, I think Hollywood poker is a fine place to play. They use Hollywood as one more way to set their site apart, and to attract players. Since they've done this in a good way that doesn't detract from the play at all, its actually great.

Are there really stars here? Well, James Woods appears to be pretty involved with the site. In my short time on the site, I never saw him, or any other stars online. And, truth be told, I've never even heard of Vince Van Patten (sorry Vince, you are no James Woods!) Reading through the boards on their site, it does sound like there are real stars sometimes on the site, but like in real life, you may not be too likely to catch a glimpse or play against them.

Getting Started(Go to the Hollywood Poker Site)
The first thing you'll do is to sign up for an account on their website. This looks to usually be a smooth process, although we did have a slight delay as they appeared to be having a glitch at the time we signed on. Once your account is activated and you've done the email-bounce-back verification, you can start to play.

Hollywood Poker offers both playing on the web via your web-browser, or by downloading their client software. We tried both, and both worked very well. We found the downloaded software to be a little better, mainly because the sound worked in the downloaded version. But if you've got a Mac, or if you want to play at the office, the web-based version should work just fine for you.

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  Too many bad beats
Posted by Jose Velez from on Nov 20, 2005 at 22:15pm (PST)
This is a reasonable site but I have experienced entirely too many bad beats on the river in this site I mean clearly more than double at any other site. And I am a member of quite a few sites such as Full tilt, Bodog Pokerstars and party poker just to name a few. I love the customer support just too many bad beats!

Posted by Newbie Nick from Irvine, CA on Mar 30, 2005 at 0:35am (PST)
I tried a couple of the poker sites tonight. I really liked Hollywood poker, and I have been playing for about 3 hours now. Definitely a great way to learn how to play poker - I have no complaints about this site!!