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TruePoker is one of the more unique poker websites on the internet today. Unlike many other poker sites, TruePoker's graphics show virtual players seated around the table who have lifelike movements and can speak various phrases in English.

Getting Started(Go to the TruePoker Site)
To play at TruePoker, you'll need to download their software. There are two versions - a high resolution and a low resolution one. The play of the games is the same irregardless of which version you download. The only difference is the quality of the graphics. If you're willing to wait a little longer for the high-res version to download, you'll be rewarded with the most unique graphics we've ever seen at a poker site. They claim the high-res download process takes over an hour on dial up and around 10 minutes over a cable or DSL modem. Our experience of downloading over cable however was much faster. Once you have installed the software and setup an account, you can deposit real money or just play for fun. They offer various methods of depositing and withdrawing funds which they outline on their website.

True Poker offers just a couple of games on their site:

  • Texas Hold'em
  • Omaha
This is one area where we feel TruePoker could seriously improve. They do offer a variety of promotions such as a bonus with your first deposit and a refer a friend bonus. However, if you read the small print, you'll notice that you won't see a dime of your new player bonus money until you have played 100 raked hands. At that point, you'll only get $10 of your bonus and won't get your next $10 until the next 100 hands. If you don't play enough raked hands within 40 days, you'll lose your remaining bonus money. With regards to the refer a friend bonus, you must play a minimum number of hands in 30 days and your friend must play a minimum number in 60. Again, leftover money is lost after those dates.

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  Mike J
Posted by bill caldwell from springtown, ga on Mar 26, 2010 at 17:37pm (CDT)
Mike J is a douche bag nd probably a schill for TP. Trust me, True Poker is definitely rigged AND they use bots.

Posted by Daniel Newman. from Martinsville, ni on Dec 18, 2008 at 1:01am (CST)
I got kicked outta true poker,, coz I insulted the host,, after he booted me??? LOL alot poker places for me to play!!!!

  The Host on this site are absolutely garbage and Need to be fired!!!
Posted by beans from Broadway, NC on Oct 04, 2008 at 20:41pm (CDT)
I agree with the guy that said he wished someone with some damn sense would take over this company and learn how to run the damn thing because the morons that are running it now have about as much sense as a bag of hammers, with no damn clue on how to run anything..I been playing this site for years because of the people and the overall look and feel of the site. it is one of the best I have seen,,even better then pkr in my opinion..easy to use format and isnt all bundled up like pkr..better chat screen then pkr and better overall view then pkrs many options of views..pkr has more interactive chat options then truepoker but you have to push the /<<button first to make a sound or push one of the 5 buttons in order to say something..where as to truepoker chat option you dont have to push any buttons or push the slash button first you just type and the avatar laughs and so forth..back to the damn ignorant host and people running the show..these got to be the most ignorant people you have ever seen in your of the glitchs in this software is that if you have more then a million chips on a play money table you can freeze it if you bet more then a million chips and everyone gets booted from the table for a second and then you have to comeback to the table before you lose your seat..ok so the ignorant people running the site go and make the table stakes higher about 5 months ago or so,they used to be 1000 now there make a long story short, in all of the damn 6-7 years i been at the site have i never seen such ignorance..they are now enforcing the million chips rule..where if you got over a million chips,there sorry excuse for a HostRene and other host, now bann you from the site for 5 mins making you lose your seat and lose all your chips...keep in mind i have seen people reach a million chips in 5 or 6 hands...ok now what I dont understand is why the hell would you raise the stakes and then start banning people for having over a million in chips?that really takes the cake..might as well appoint a chimp to run this site im sure he would do a better job..there penelizing people for having alot of chips because there crap software can't handle that amount of chips bet at one time and it results in the table freezing..these people dont give a rats tail about there play money players..the host bann you for asking questions and do not listen to anything you say,,there very rude and obnoxious to the play money players and have no respect for the people that have been playing at this site longer then they have been hosting..all in all i would say the site used to be fun to play at now its just down right garbage riddled with ignorant people with there head up there you know what..someone please save us from these knuckle dragging chimps running this site and buy them we can actually have fun playing there again..fix the software glitchs add more interactive chat options and build another avatar package,,,few more table scenes with music playing at the table.wouldnt that be cool?chip leader gets to choose the station?I know I amaze my self sometimes with my ideas!they won't even let the play money players use both of there avatar packages.i guess thats because they feel you have to open a real money account in order for you to use the other avatar package like you get some kind of upgrade bonus which is understandable but if it was up to me i would want to bring more people to the site and let the play money players use this option also..anyways its about damn time someone take over this site and really do something with it because these people really have no clue as how to run this site...any investor intersted in buying a franchise of this site and want to make it better and need ideas hit me up! i could do ten times better job then the jabroni that is running TP right now..peaceout Dartbeaner......

  Joseph Rubio Revisited - Scammers.
Posted by pangu from Canada on Sep 29, 2008 at 22:57pm (CDT)
I'm currently experiencing what Joseph Rubio described in his post.

I used my credit card to deposit $50.00 in order to play at for real money. I received an e-mail stating my TruePoker account had been credited with the $50.00, and that my first deposit is subject to their credit verification process. 5 minutes later i received 3 more e-mails which were quite identical to each other, confirming my deposit has been processed successfully. The only difference was the 3rd e-mail included that my bank statement would show the transaction as "[TRUECASHIER LTD]." Okay, great no problems!

I was off playing for about an hour winning $4.00 which brought my account total to $54.00. I decided to take a break for a couple of hours. I returned and had 1 new e-mail from, which claimed they were not able to "independently verify some information i gave them when i opened my account." My account was locked and they were requesting one or more of the following items which they could "cross-check against additional resources to get me playing again." A) "Government identification or Drivers License, which shows your name, address and signature." or B) "Faxed or scanned copy of a utility or phone bill, which shows both your name and address. (Other information maybe removed/scratched out.)" This e-mail was sent by "TrueTechGiu."

I double checked the transaction details and they appeared to be 100% accurate. I did however notice on the form page, there was an example shown for filling out the address field (i.e.: Address Street Apt). I failed to see this example entering my address in another format, the format being (Apt-Address Street). I replied to the e-mail thinking this was the result of the problem. I explained in the e-mail the address was correct, but made a mistake unaware of the format shown. With little conflict i was hoping they would save me the trouble of having to reluctantly send additional personal ID. I then received a standard "security precaution" type of e-mail from "TrueTechRoxy" telling me i was informed that my account would have to go through the verification process, and to send additional ID that was listed earlier.

I decided to phone the number listed on the website, and lucky for me i had gotten TrueTechRoxy as my customer support rep! o yay! I tried explaining the whole address issue again, and was fed phone scripts on security and verification. She told me nothing can be done, and that i would have to send ID. I asked what the transaction issue was? She said the information couldn't be revealed. I asked to refund my money, she claimed it was not possible until i was verified. I hung up and took some time to think about the situation.

I sent an e-mail back saying i've been ripped off, and demand to receive a full refund of my $50.00 not caring about the additional $4.00 i managed to win legitimately, they could keep it. TrueTechRoxy replied with the same generic phone scripts, and that she needed to "remind me they can not return money back to the credit cards due to the cards policies. That's why i received the message that says deposits made via credit card will be returned as a draft only."

I understand the whole security and verification thing, however there is no reason why they are requesting additional verification. I'm being completely ripped off and scammed, and i refuse to provide personal documents for these people. Obviously i was getting no where and decided to do some google'ing to see if TruePoker had previous complaints, and then i came across this thread including a few others. I thought $50.00 was bad, but man a lot of you guys are with even worse situations! Anyways, below are some interesting finds in the Terms & Conditions and other areas from TruePoker:

1. "If you are totally dissatisfied with the service you have received, we will consider your case and refund your purchase so long as your reason is valid." The case is- my transaction was processed successfully, i won some money and then required to provide personal documents to verify that it's really me without valid reasoning, all in the span of a few hours. The Terms & Conditions did not include everything up front, evidence being the whole verification process alone.

2. There is no way that TruePoker can claim the Address field was the result of this problem, because the format was only an example plus the form accepted my format upon submission.

3. "After purchase you will receive an e-mail notification. We recommend the cardholder to print out all transaction data, the rules of the game, the cancellation regulations, and the payment methods in order to avoid misconceptions and discussions at a later time and keep them at an easily accessible place." There was never any cancellation regulations in any e-mails that was sent by or found on the website.

There's a long list of things, but all this company is trying to do is make me want to give up so that at the end of the grace period of 30 days or whatever it is, they are entitled to any funds in my account. I've heard it all, from the employees are playing at their own poker room to ID fraud/theft, and MasterCard and PayPal being disabled. I just wish i would have found out before i entered my credit card number.

* If anyone has any suggestions or tips on getting my money back or anything at all, please let me know.

Thanks and sorry for such a long post!

Posted by nathan from Australia on Sep 16, 2008 at 0:58am (CDT)
after depositing $400 because they advertised a 100% deposit bonus, after playing through the monies i asked the mod when the bonus would be added....come to find out that i can only get a bonus if i invest in something like 2000 hands worth more than $10,,, a great scam....but i recieved no bonus at all... ever!
dont play for real money on this site

  Only NON rigged site I've seen
Posted by Mike J from on Aug 08, 2008 at 6:14am (CDT)
I've played everywhere... Full Tilt, Ultimate Bet, Pokerstars, Bodog, Sportsbook,and Doyle's Room. And every single one of those sites is RIGGED. I get the WORST bad beats, AMAZING RIVER cards, some of the WORST on doyles room, but I at least get decent starting hands, however, pokerstars and full tilt like to just SCREW YOU HARD and just give you crap, or amazing hands and screw you over. It's very frustrating and I've lost a lof of money on all of them... but True Poker is the ONLY web site I've played on where I don't see high amounts of bad beats, and the site actually REWARDS smart play.

Not to mention, the players are AWFUL on this site! I played the same guy in a heads up SnG 4 times in a ROW and beat him EVERY time! I'm already up 50$ and thats after only TODAY. Though they don't get a lot of traffic, and there is no AMAZING main flagship tourney (that you wouldn't win anyway) You can make a lot of money in the cash games. But they do have a 6k guaranteed every sunday and a 1k guaranteed every wednesday. Being that only 80-100 people join those games (no rebuys for them btw) it can be quite easy to finish in the money. I was able to deposit with my CC (which is new to me, before it would get rejected since I live in the USA). Withdrawing is easy too. Free check in the mail, once a month I believe. The bonus is good too, most other sites force you to get ALL the "points" or w/e to unlock it, but true poker lets you have it in increments, so even if you dont get ALL the points to get the bonus, you at least get SOMETHING!

Customer support is fine, I don't know why people are saying stuff, they are very prompt, quick, and help you with ANYTHING.

If you're a player that likes playing stakes ranging from $.10/.20 to $1/2... this site is good for you! Higher stakes can be more difficult to find a game, but they are there.

So, that's my praise of truepoker, I also enjoy their graphics, makes me feel like I'm actually at a REAL table, no other site feels the same. And I do enjoy the sounds of the dealer announcing (not just text) and sound effects of players too. Go try it out!

Posted by joe robinson from germantown, ky on Aug 02, 2008 at 20:09pm (CDT)
I have played at TP's site for 10 years now. recently, they have been having server shutdowns almost every weekend. This is getting ridiculous. I'm talking play money server 4. If this continues, myself along with many of my playing buddies will find a better site. I know TP cares not a whit, simply because it's a play money server and not the rip off real money.

Posted by joe robinson from germantown, ky on Aug 02, 2008 at 20:09pm (CDT)
I have played at TP's site for 10 years now. recently, they have been having server shutdowns almost every weekend. This is getting ridiculous. I'm talking play money server 4. If this continues, myself along with many of my playing buddies will find a better site. I know TP cares not a whit, simply because it's a play money server and not the rip off real money.

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